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Infrared Scans in Tipton County

Attention Members in the following areas and associated surrounding areas:

Tipton Substation Circuit 244: Tracy Road, Meade Lake Road, Watson Road, and Maple Drive

Tipton Substation Circuit 254: Joe Joyner Road, McCormick Road, Campground Road, 

and Hwy 51 S of Big Creek Drive


Lewis Thermal Imaging tentatively plans to conduct infrared scans starting Tuesday, 6/19/18. They will be conducting these scans for the next two weeks in these areas.

They will be driving a white SUV with a flashing caution light on top and the vehicle has the name on the doors. This work is done at night so they are also using a spotlight to see the distribution lines and other electrical equipment.


The infrared scans are done to identify hot spots that indicate potential problems on the power system so we can repair them before they fail and cause an outage. Therefore, our linemen can fix problems before they affect our members. This is work that can also done during the regular work day and not on overtime, saving the members money. So, it makes our system more reliable and affordable.


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