Tree Trimming


Trees are a valuable asset in commercial, private and public landscapes. They add beauty, help our environment and add value to the property. However, these same trees can be a major challenge for STEMC.

  • Trees are one of the significant causes of power outages in areas with overhead utility lines.
  • When trees come into contact with live wires they may become conductors of electricity, causing power outages or creating dangerous situations.

STEMC works hard to maintain its rights of way near overhead lines to provide safe and reliable electrical service. We do so for three reasons:


Trees near power lines pose a threat to your home, your electric service, and your health. When trees contact high voltage lines and the right conditions are present, they may become conductors, carrying deadly electricity within the reach of your family and pets.

System Reliability

Seven of every ten power outages on STEMC’s system are the result of trees and other vegetation coming in contact with our lines. These outages are costly and inconvenient. And because our distribution lines are only a part of a larger system, the tree in your yard may create problems for hundreds or even thousands of people.

Economic Responsibility

Aside from safety and system reliability, STEMC has a financial responsibility to our members to weigh the financial impact of our vegetation management program. The return on the money we spend to control vegetation is significant. Our trimming and spraying programs help control line loss and outage management expenses. These savings translate into lower rates for our members.

For further information, please see our tree trimming and maintenance guides or our photo gallery.