Want up-to-date information about outages?

At STEMC, we continuously invest in industry best maintenance practices and system improvements in an attempt to minimize loss of power to our members. Yet outages still occur from time-to-time. In an effort to provide more efficient ways to communicate, STEMC now offers an Outage Texting Notification System. Members can now report and monitor power outages via text message. Through this system STEMC will notify members, who opt-in via text, when outages occur in their area as well as when power is restored. 

How do I sign up? It's easy!

Text "STEMC" to 85700.


The number used must be listed as the primary contact on your STEMC account. Need to confirm your information? Call your local office to confirm your contact information.

Once signed up, use these keywords to interact with the outage texting service.

  • OUT - Text "OUT" to 85700 report an outage.
  • STATUS - Text" STATUS" to 85700 for more information about an outage.
  • HELP - Text "HELP" to 85700 for assistance with the outage texting service.
  • QUIT - Text "QUIT" to 85700 to opt-out of future texts. 

For ease of use, save the outage texting number, 85700, as a contact under "STEMC Outage."