SMC Grants 3rd Qtr 2022

This quarter, Southwest Members Care donated $67,337.55 to the worthy causes below! With Tennessee Valley Authority matching $10,025.00, Southwest Members Care, Inc. donated a total of $77,362.55 during the 3rd quarter of 2022.

Organization Use $ Donated $ Matched by TVA
Tipton County - Carl Perkins Center To complete building repairs and updates $5,000.00
Munford Fire Department Fund a new firefighting skid unit $3,025.00 $3,025.00
Noah's Ark Preschool Replace light fixtures in hallways and classrooms with LED fixtures $5,200.00
Brighton Fire Department To purchase structural firefighting gear $10,000.00
Woodland Baptist Church Brotherhood Ramp To purchase materials to build 7 ramps $10,000.00
Garland Volunteer Fire Department To purchase 2 electric PPV blowers for ventilation $9,789.00
Gilt Edge Volunteer Fire Department To provide emergency address signs for residents in the community $8,722.36
Mason Fire Auxiliary Inc. To equip all fire apparatus and replace old equipment $2,664.20
Atoka Police Department To purchase new message/radar trailer $5,000.00 $5,000.00
Tipton Titans Youth Football & Cheer To purchase field lights, bleachers and equipment $7,936.99 $2,000.00
Totals $67,337.55 $10,025.00